Local Culture

(democracy, openness and social acceptance)

This point also needs to be considered if the business sector is related to the people in Indonesia, both in terms of impact and benefits. Because with the various ethnic groups in Indonesia, each region has different social wisdom, so the approach is also different.

But in general, Indonesia is a unitary state that adheres to the principles of democracy. Therefore, the expression of opinions in public (including in the media and social media) has become commonplace, including protests in the form of rallies, strikes, and complaints to the government.

The situation of democracy in Indonesia must be viewed by investors as a reference in their approach. So that it is not only an approach to the government as the policy holder that needs to be done, but also an approach to the surrounding community who are affected by the investments made. This can be better understood by foreign investors, by discussing this further with their local partners or with their appointed consultants.


The Indonesian government provides consulting services for potential investors in Indonesia through the BKPM, so that foreign investors can take advantage of these services by contacting the BKPM directly or find out local consultant for your business interest.



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