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Currently (at least at the time of writing this article), the licensing process in Indonesia for foreign investment tends to be easier than before. This can be seen from the licensing application process which is carried out online and through one platform, namely OSS (Online Single Submission). So that almost every form of permit can be submitted through OSS. And it is true, that if all Investor data is ready and then the data is filled in the OSS, the process for issuing the permit is quite fast and easy, especially for the type of business that is classified as low risk.

However, in practice, especially for medium and high risk businesses, certification or verification is still required to make the permit can be effective. This is often an issue or challenge in managing investment licensing in Indonesia.

So if someone says that investment licensing is easy and the process is very fast, it is necessary to first understand what licensing is meant. Because if the business license is for a medium and high risk business, there are still many requirements, certification, or verification which of course takes time depending on the type of license you want to obtain and the completeness of the licensing requirements. But overall, it’s already better than before.


The Indonesian government provides consulting services for potential investors in Indonesia through the BKPM, so that foreign investors can take advantage of these services by contacting the BKPM directly or find out local consultant for your business interest.



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