Facilities & Infrastructure

(availability, ease of access, and cost)

For facilities and infrastructure, such as:

  1. Toll Road;
  2. Port;
  3. Government Offices;
  4. Electricity;
  5. Water Installation;
  6. Telephone;
  7. Internet;
  8. And others.

So these facilities and infrastructure will be relatively more available in big cities and on the island of Java. Meanwhile, on other islands that are not provincial or district cities, it will be relatively more difficult to have it. But of course, the need for facilities and infrastructure depends on the type of business to be run.

From a legal point of view, what needs to be known is that the utilization of each facility, such as electricity, water, radio networks, roads (for businesses that have an impact on traffic), and several other facilities utilization, requires certain standards or permits for each facility. So in addition to considering its availability, you must also consider the ease of obtaining it.


The Indonesian government provides consulting services for potential investors in Indonesia through the BKPM, so that foreign investors can take advantage of these services by contacting the BKPM directly or find out local consultant for your business interest.



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